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    We are bringing the newest trend from the bicycle world to Barcelona: Tours and rental of ebikes, so-called electronic bicycles.

    These bikes are comfortable city bikes that have been equipped with a 250 Watt electric engine and a battery back. This setup requires no driving licence but still you will be able to cycle at a pleasant speed of 25 km per hour.

    Since the engine is just supportive you will still need to move the pedals. Basically it is balancing your efforts since the engine stops accelerating the bike further once you are going with more than 25 km/h. So going downhill you are mainly cycling on your own, but especially going uphill the engine is doing a large part of the work.

    Other options for bike tours in Barcelona

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    And for a tour off the beaten track, Steel Donkeys offers an awesome experience!

    ebikes will take you further

    As you can imagine these bicycles enable you to cover much larger distances at much less effort than a normal bike. In Barcelona’s hilly terrain a battery load will take you about 30-40 km. Thus even untrained cyclists will enjoy the beauty of the city on their bikes without pushing them to the limit during the hot hours of the day.

    And those looking for a challenge can just get further. How about exploring the top of Tibidabo 500 metres above sea level?

    Browse through our variety of tour and rental options and if you have got any questions, please just contact us.

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